network enabled easy data access

g.NEEDaccess is a server service that facilitates simple and platform independent data acquisition from (multiple) devices over a network and by that eases the workload of the user to a large extend.

g.NEEDaccess allows to acquire data easily from g.tec devices without having to take care of low-level concepts of data acquisition. The server handles acquisition and preprocessing of data such that the user receives data ready to analyze.

Since data acquisition is realized over the network it is now possible to collect the acquired data on a different computer than the g.tec device is connected to (on condition that both are connected to the network). Moreover the server is capable to provide data from a single acquisition simultaneously for multiple clients, thus monitoring a certain experiment is possible for more than one user at a time.

The reference implementation of the server’s network API provides a wide range of functions that ease data acquisition and also support device-specific operations. The Client API provides a high-level C and .NET library for facile integration in your own projects, which handle communication with the server using the network API underneath.

Product Highlights

  • platform independent data acquisition for g.tec devices
  • data acquisition from multiple devices
  • easily access ready-to-analyze data
  • multi-client acquisition
  • Client API available

Available configurations


product no.: 6300 read more g.NEEDaccess device service — g.tec general device data access interface
product no.: 6305 read more g.NEEDaccess API — g.tec general device data access interface; application programming interface
product no.: 6310 read more g.NEEDaccess bundle — complete g.NEEDaccess API bundle, including mini-pc to run the device server

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